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For the 2nd year in a row, Dan Quinn felt the team missed the mark in the run game

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47 minutes ago, Tmodel66 said:

Falcons are 30th in rushing.

“We did not hit the mark we were hoping to accomplish in that spot, but at the end of it, that's one of the things, when we say tweak it and work it to go, that identity, it has to come through,” Quinn said during his season-ending press conference.


Anywhere else in the world if a person spoke like this you would think they were intoxicated or suffering from serious brain trauma.    You could remove half of the words in that quote and it wouldn't affect the meaning in any way.

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This, all of this, is exactly why I've said McGary was balling but was left out to dry by Koetter. He's a very good RT, but he is best when run blocking. When given several snaps to get a rhythm in ru

What bugs me most about all of this is .....they knew this was an issue last season.  Failed to proactively address and continued it the majority of this season.  On top of this, we have DQ anointing

We won’t be any better next year. 

On 2020-01-02 at 6:28 PM, Cole World said:


“But I would say we're really proud of the work that he [Freeman] put back in,” Freeman said. “He did an exceptional job. His energy, his attitude, his fight, it was always on point. But as the life of a competitor, we've got tough decisions ahead. So, way too early for us to put in too many spots.”


this quote makes me think that ATL will be interested in bringing in a RB while adding to the OL as well. I think Freeman gets moved or restructured to eventually be cut in a year. DQ and Koetter I’m assuming want some more explosiveness out of the backfield and likely this draft is the way to go since there’s sooooooo many good RBs. Run game has got to get going if DQ wants success next year... I think we all know that.

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