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The WWTDD Mock Draft


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What will TD Do (WWTDD) in the off-season
-Dimitroff and DQ hold a presser and announce the signing of Vic Beasley for 4 yrs $52m. DQ cites continuity as reason. —

-Next Presser we sign Austin Hooper for 4 years 48m...yes, we’ve overspent, but continuity is everything at flowery branch.

-we re-sign every other scrub on last year’s squad

-we cite the “brotherhood” and “fast and physical” 20 times in a 30 minute presser.

- A new cliche is now heard at flowery branch: “continuity counts”

16 D'Andre Swift, RB Georgia 5’9” 215

My budddy, @Vandy breaks down in tears as we draft Freeman’s replacement but leaves Delpit for the cowboys to pluck as we add a shiny hood ornament with our first pick!

47 Julian Okwara , EDGE Notre Dame 6’4” 248

TD takes the “urgent athlete,” but later admits that he drafted him because he looks like a short haired Vic Beasley. We continue the theme of “fast but whimpy” He barely plays and we let the 44 year old Adrian Clayborn take all his snaps 

59 netane Muti, IOL Fresno State 6’3” 320

we only drafted 2 OL and signed 2 expensive backups, so let’s draft another G! We now have 10 backup Guards on roster.

78 Brandon Jones, S Texas 6’0” 210

–we all get kinda excited, until @Knight of God reminds us that we just drafted keaunu Neal part II . Jones has bad ball skills but lays the wood. But he’s just like Keke! Keke asks him” wanna hit the jugs machine, bro?” They both laugh and eat chicken wings and tear wings off flies, while under concussion protocol.

109 Jared Pinkney , TE Vanderbilt 6’4” 260

–DK says we don’t have enough studs on offense, and defense be dam, he wants more weapons. So we draft a backup TE.

139 Jordan Fuller , S Ohio State 6’2” 205

@Knight of God smiles a little bit, as he’s better that phuckin rico....however, Rico is a leader, and despite his slow and non-athletic play he still starts and we leak like a sieve....but, continuity....it’s everything 

170 Stanford Samuels III , CB Florida State 6’2” 185

@athell enters a war of words with every message board poster that says Samuels is the next Richard Sherman. He’s right, he’s not. He gets cut and doesn’t make roster.

205 Baron Browning , LB Ohio State 6’3” 248

@PeytonMannings Forehead takes a break from designing his lethal 3-6-2 defense that morphs into a 6-1-3 (or is it a 6-3-2?) defense as we take an athletic marvel. He can run like a gazelle, but can’t play football...so, he’s the perfect falcon :)

End of story. We suck for a while, but we’re fun to watch once in a while,

TD says happy New Years!:ninja:

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24 minutes ago, UnrealfalcoN said:

This is clever because in the 300 mock drafts that people will spend time on every offseason, maybe 1 players might get drafted by us. TD still finds talent.

This is truth. I bust on TD, too. But he does unearth very good talent as a whole.

Im usually dead wrong in my mocks. I’ve been getting lucky on small school guys we get (Saubert and Cominsky) from my travels,

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14 minutes ago, Diggable Birds said:

I would be pissed if our draft turned out this way. O Line needs help DLine needs help LB's need help why draft a RB at 16. Beasley at 13 mil Hoop at 12...…… I don't see us resigning Beasley and yes we will overpay for HOOP

It’s a mock of a mock. 

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