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January 2020 Recruiting Thread

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I have no idea how good he will be, but he was definitely the top option of the players in the portal and it really wasn’t close. Looking forward to seeing how he looks at G-Day. Getting him on campus now is huge for him and the offense though, more time to build chemistry with those receivers and OL.

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1 hour ago, SacFalcFan said:

he is an above average qb who could be even better with upgraded talent around him..  i am just excited we got more competition for the qb spot and if we add brice chase i would love it.  

It is more than that though. It is confirmation that we are very likely going to see a shift in philosophy that many of us think is necessary so when the national championship.

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2 hours ago, SacFalcFan said:

I am going to guess on the transfer portal additions: 

QB - Newman

TE - Tre McKitty

WR - Tarik Black

OT - ?????

Man, I hope not. Don't want 4 of our slots tied up in grad transfers. We got the QB, I'd take a 2nd one in TE McKitty and that's it. We have enough returning WR's and new studs for that position. And we do NOT need another OT...all we've done the past few years is talk about how well we've recruited the OL, time to let them step up and prove themselves. We have way too many good options there to not have a competent starter already on the roster. 

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