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January 2020 Recruiting Thread

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1 hour ago, TroubleDawg said:

Just putting everything together my educated guess is Evan's signed his LOI with UGA and may have had second thoughts. It pissed Kirby off and Evans went on to live tv and apologized to his college coaches and said I am ready to come in and get to work.

Now we wait on Kirby.


However I can be 100% wrong here

That actually makes more sense than anything else I have heard. At this point I just wish they would wrap it up and let’s all move on one way or the other. The young man is clearly immature and sounds like he doesn’t have any good role models in his life to help him stay grounded.

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JeffSentell Posts: 4,760 admin

First things first: You guys really don't know how MAJOR KEY that young man Kendall Milton was for this entire 2020 Georgia class.

Think Richard LeCounte III in 2017. x2. Just so much harder to do all the way out in Cali.

I've listened one-by-one to so many members and stakeholders of this class refer to Mr. Milton as the ultimate "glue guy" for this class.

He's going to be rooming with Mr. Ringo. By the way.


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11 minutes ago, Cockybrit said:

Whatever happened with Nadab Joseph?  If he came full circle, would he count against this class?

No, he was already counted as an initial counter for us in 2018 so he would not be counted twice. I have not heard anything at all about him coming back to be a Dawg though.

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25 minutes ago, Bdawg58 said:

Radi just said that he expects us to pass on Evans.. take it for what it’s worth. Radi also said this is straight up about Evans’s attitude and nothing else (grades and etc) 


Talking with some people just now (Sac) that may cause us to lose a spot in this class if we let him out of his LOI.



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12 minutes ago, Cockybrit said:

If what I have read is accurate, Evans counts toward our 25, so why not just take him, land the #1 class and at the first sign of attitude, send him packing?

Completely agree. I believe we have a set of leaders on this team and not to mention coaches that could help this kid. If he doesn’t work out so be it and  he counts against us so why not. 
 A lot of rumblings we will know for sure one way or the other sometime tomorrow. I hope so because this drama isn’t good for either side

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9 hours ago, mike teevee said:

I’ve heard that DRob came in and took that scholarship that year. So he would count again. 

I can’t remember how those numbers in that class worked out exactly but my understanding is a non qualifiers spot does not become available to use on someone else. Once an LOI is signed and submitted that spot belongs to that person, barring some specific exemptions. I believe DRob may have taken his spot under the 85 scholarship roster limit, which obviously would not include non qualifiers... and they figured out some way to have him counted in class numbers, which from what I gather no one really has a firm grasp of still lol

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