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Shane Lemieux LG

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I’m banging the table for him at 16. Like I said we took Lindstrom at 14 and he was projected to go 2nd rd. Lemieux is rated the #1 guard and similar to Lindstrom’s 48 consecutive starts, he has 51 going into today’s Rose Bowl game. He fills a need and fits our ZBS. I think he will check off a lot of the boxes and is a DQ/TD type guy.

He’s tough, good character, already graduated, competitive, durable. And I love this quote.


Lemieux and the Ducks held their first on-site practice Thursday. Next Wednesday's game kicks off at 2 p.m.

After that, the transition from collegiate athlete to professional begins. Lemieux will represent Oregon one last time in the Senior Bowl on Jan. 25 and then dive directly into preparations for the NFL Draft in late April.

"That training starts as soon as I'm done with the bowl game," he said of the shift to NFL measurables. "There's not even a day off because you know other guys are working that hard."

Lemieux's resume establishes him as one of the nation's premier interior linemen and perhaps the top guard with his footwork, agility and strength. And when calling on the long-held truism that the best ability is availability, who's better than a guy who never missed a collegiate start?

 I remember DQ saying that Lindstrom came straight in to work out early that morning after a late night and long flight or words to that affect. But they like guys with that competitive mindset.  The same thing he liked about Poole wanting to check Julio. But Lemieux is probably the best LG in the draft and I would take him at 16.

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