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Year End: Pass Rush Win Rate, Grady Jarrett, Pass Blocking

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Welp, we finished tied with the Cowboys.  Apparently we have the best pass rush win rate in the NFL.  A few other stats: since week 7, we have the #1 third down defense, #1 in turnovers created and 7th in ppg at 18.1


Team Pass Rush Win Rate

1. Atlanta Falcons, 53%
2. Dallas Cowboys, 53%
3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 51%
4. Philadelphia Eagles, 50%
5. Los Angeles Rams, 50%
6. Pittsburgh Steelers, 50%
7. Jacksonville Jaguars, 48%
8. Buffalo Bills, 47%


Team Pass Block Win Rate

1. Green Bay Packers, 72%
2. Baltimore Ravens, 69%
3. Indianapolis Colts, 65%

27. Denver Broncos, 55%
28. Seattle Seahawks, 54%
29. Atlanta Falcons, 50%
30. Carolina Panthers, 50%
31. Cincinnati Bengals, 47%
32. Miami Dolphins, 41%


Top 10 DT Pass Rush Win Rate

1. Aaron Donald, Rams, 25%
2. Grady Jarrett, Falcons, 22%
3. Chris Jones, Chiefs, 19%
4. Maliek Collins, Cowboys, 16%
5. Quinton Jefferson, Seahawks, 16%
6. Calais Campbell, Jaguars, 15%
7. Ed Oliver, Bills, 15%
8. Denico Autry, Colts, 14%
9. Matt Ioannidis, Redskins, 13%
10. Vita Vea, Buccaneers, 13%

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6 minutes ago, Dirtier Bird said:

Sure didn’t seem like it while watching.

Our scheme was the majority of our problem.  Far too frequently, we ran a soft zone defense, allowing people to shred us with 2 or 3 step drops.

We played from behind the first half of the year, allowing teams to run whatever offense that they wanted.  They ran on us...  A lot.

Like with every Falcons defense ever, we were unable to cover RB's and TE's, allowing teams to set up screens or quick passes up the middle.

In the second half of the year, we started running more man defense, and lining up on the line on obvious passing downs.  That's when the sacks started happening.


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