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Falcons vs. Broncos in London??


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28 minutes ago, Schwarzwald said:

We will be the "home" team in this one and have 7 other games at MBS? Sounds about right. More people will come see the Falcons in London anyway.


37 minutes ago, RYNE said:

Not a fan. If London wants a team they should purchase one. 

We play better on the road anyways under Dan Quinn. Lol

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14 hours ago, AUTiger7222 said:

I don't know anything about the source but the news already was confirmed that the Falcons would be playing a non-division opponent in London next year but now this guy is saying that it might be the Broncos.


If this happens I might have to go back to London for this game.

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5 hours ago, Faithful Falcon said:

He had plenty of help. Matt Ryan threw one of his worst interceptions against Detroit in London. His other one was the Butt Interception by Lattimore.

I missed the first half of that one because it was 9 am and I was still sleeping. Also, butt fumble interception wasn't Ryan's fault. Throw hit what's his face right square in the hands.

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