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2 minutes ago, ya_boi_j said:

Definitely wouldn’t say a bunch of nobodies. Some of you really need to watch more than Falcons football

I meant their WR core. Obviously Saquon and Engram are elite but their WRs are Tate, Shepard and Slayton. Like I said nobodies.

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We get to keep our helter skelter coaching staff... just the first mistake going into the off season.  I guess the players are calling the plays now.  The keep Dan Quinn huddle.  LOL.  Even though the players suked wind for the first 8 games.  Pure Falcons at their best.  Emotional rot with little logic.

Another season bit the dust.  Cannot blame this one on injuries unless you want to claim the team was in a coma.

Now we are laying the groundwork for a repeat.  

Maybe we could give the coaches and all the players little participation trophies. So they can feel warm and fuzzy while back slapping each other over another non playoff season.

Weeeeeeeeee Falcons.  We have perfected losing.

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