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Official NFL Playoff Thread

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Just now, AUTiger7222 said:

Second year in a row that Lamar and the Ravens are one and done in the playoffs and both years they lost at home with Jackson playing like crap.

Not quite over.  Soon I hope.

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1 minute ago, Rings said:

He is much better in a zone scheme because of his athleticism, he would be horrendous in the Titans scheme.

Exactly. Grading systems are just one measure of performance with imperfect calculations. Just a data point.

...but in lieu of reviewing film and knowing all the assignments etc yourself. It may give you an idea of performance within the system that year...of course it doesn't distinguish scheme/OC etc.

Edited by Schwarzwald

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2 minutes ago, jdawg4876 said:

No homer bias here. I've never agreed with them on their offensive line rankings. It is hard to really know who's got what blocking assignment on the offenseive line. They have graded some good offensive lines low while grading some middle of the roads to bad offensive lines High

I wasn't saying you, I think overall they get a bad name for those reasons and if anyone mentions "PFF" people immediately dismiss it because of that.

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Just now, Schwarzwald said:

And, Jackson gets the MVP! :ninja:

Did I hear that stat that they mentioned earlier in the game correctly? The one about Mark Ripken in 1991 being the last MVP to win the Super Bowl in the same year?

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