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Official NFL Playoff Thread

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Just now, HotLantaFalcon said:

Difference being one is a rookie and the other is cousins


Just now, octoslash said:

And #11 takes the OT kickoff  109 yds lol

Lol...incredibly the Vikings won the toss. Strange sight seeing the team I'm rooting  against not win the toss.

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3 minutes ago, wartownfalcon said:

WE WANT THE BALL!!!                                 AND WE’RE GONNA SCORE!!!!

I bet Hasselbeck still regrets that.

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Just now, BCEagleATLFalcon said:

How bout a 75 yard pass and a new Minny miracle, eh boys? 

I still laugh and enjoy watching highlights of the 2011 Steelers at Broncos WC game. It was the first playoff game with the need to score a TD rule in place. First play of OT and Tebow throws a dart to Demaryius Thomas on a slant and Thomas takes it to the house to end the game.

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