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Official NFL Playoff Thread


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22 minutes ago, PeytonMannings Forehead said:

I really love watching this Bills defense. They aren’t stocked up with blue chippers, they don’t run a complex scheme, they’re just disciplined and very well-coached. 

They've got a lot of talent on that D. Don't know about "blue chip," but they have talent all over.

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6 minutes ago, AUTiger7222 said:

This is why I say Hopkins is overrated. The Texans offense only looks good when Will Fuller is playing. Take Fuller off the field and their offense comes to a crashing halt.

What are you smoking???!!!

Hopkins is one of the most underrated W.R

I'll pick him over anyone, any day hes that clutch.

Hes part of a bad system, bad offensive line and barely had any consistency at Q.B position until Watson got in....but, hes not a pocket passer.

So even after all those variables he FIRST TEAM ALL PRO W.R! 

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1 minute ago, mattyicefalcon said:

I really like Bill's and Ravens.

Hope either win Superbowl

They both have elite defense, versatile Q.B who can extend plays. Running game, special teams and smart coach who doesnt beat himself and trust their true identity.


If Buffalo wins one, I just can't imagine the party that's going down.

Then again, yes I can.:(

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