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Official NFL Playoff Thread


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2 minutes ago, Schwarzwald said:


To be fair, the Packers were down 17-0 before the turnovers started derailing the offensive gameplan. Run ball so well and control the game; who knew?

Mahomes, Reid and those weapons may could come back but it’s a sound strategy vs the Packers. The 49ers running the ball so well both playoff games.

Di...did Kyle learn ?


Jackass could have learned it sooner.

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5 minutes ago, Wjcorner said:

Can we drop the ‘why didn’t we keep LaFleur’ moan fest every offseason now?

This game has absolutely nothing to do with that.  It would have been a common sense move for us at the time. His team is in the playoffs the first year there and that putting up with Rodgers.

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5 minutes ago, Rings said:

Remember how fans made a bunch of posts how they were mad we didn't keep LaFluer as our OC three years ago?  How's that looking right now?

not his fault. he's dialed up some nice plays and was using Jones well. if A-A-Ron wasn't on self destruct mode they should have at least 10 to 14 points

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5 minutes ago, PeytonMannings Forehead said:

Well to be fair on that one, it was kinda ridiculous. The guy went from the booth to running a whole organization. Usually guys spend a decade plus grinding away working up the ladder to that.

And you think about their first draft.  Nobody survives completely whiffing on #3 overall (Solomon) and #30 overall (Foster).  

The scheme and finding the QB were all that mattered.  They are 20-5 with Jimmy G

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