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Official NFL Playoff Thread

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Just gonna point out that the Saints wouldn’t even have been playing this weekend if they didn’t lose to US. You’re welcome, Swamp Rats. Come join us on the couch and pop open a cold one. 

Tonight I will satiate myself on the tears of Saints fans... and laugh!  Looks like i picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue.

Rooting for Tennessee upset in the WC round. Bills winning would be cool as well. 

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1 minute ago, MoFalconsFan56 said:

It always is. Happens every game it’s like why bother showing the clock if it’s that inaccurate 

It's not that the clock is inaccurate. It's that the official in charge of that watches the clock and then when it hits 0 he has to look to see if the ball is snapped or not. He can't look at two places at once so there's always gonna be a beat of a delay after the clock hits 0 before DOG is called.

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Just now, VTCrunkler said:

Beasley just ain’t cutting it

None of them are really. They have a team full of track stars that struggle to get open if pressed. If they don’t get the first step the results won’t be good unless Allen extends the play. I don’t even think they have a receiver over 6’

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