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Official NFL Playoff Thread

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Wanted us to draft Landry to replace Beasley. Looking good this year.

Also, the commentary for this game has been just atrocious.

3 minutes ago, Schwarzwald said:

Right. The eye test shows a lot to work with on the surface, but doesn't mean they grade sticking in coverage as part of their metric. It's more about stats they blame/credit him more likely. :shrug:

For sure. Just goes to show how imperfect grading is. Still better than stats in a lot of ways tho

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9 minutes ago, Francis York Morgan said:

Certain grading systems are just awful. I don't get PFF's method of grading CBs at all...they have Sheffield as one of the worst CBs in the NFL and by far the worst on our team. Baffling.

He allows a 70.6% completion rate when targetted (worst on team), 100.9 QB rating when targetted, has 9 missed tackles, worst YAC per catch on team (normally means out of position or result of missed tackle), only 4 pass breakups on 51 targets, no INTs.  He will get better, but that would be my guess why he graded poorly.

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2 minutes ago, Skott Lee said:

Wow. Lamar Jackson accounted for 508 yards and they lost

Tannehill throws for 88 yards and they win. 

I was told that mobile QBs were the future tho. 

Great when it goes well...not great when they have to play from behind and become one dimensional.


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5 minutes ago, Realsurfin said:

Game over.... Titan upset.... bookies are jumping off bridges.  Raven fans have pstd.  Least we suked all season.  To be number 1 and blow it is worse.

And the Falcons have done that before. 1980 and 2010. I lived through it....Yeah, it’s worse. 

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TITANS!  Knocked out the Pats on the road!  Knocked out the #1 seed Ravens on the road!  If there's a 'kryptonite' still left for them it's likely the Chiefs. If they go and beat the Chiefs (if they win tomorrow), then I just say give the danged trophy to them! 

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