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For those who want Ryan gone, put yourself in Tampa Bay’s position


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Full disclosure:I am a Matt Ryan fan and with a decent defense, an O Line that would block for him once in a while and an OC who played and schemed to our strengths instead of whatever Koetter is doing, I think we could win a ring with him. With that being said, it’s beginning to be time where we need to prepare for life post-Ryan. I hope we are beginning to do that. He is still under contract for several years but we need to begin the planning process now. 

Now put yourself in Tampa Bay’s position with Jameis Winston. On the one hand he throws for over 5,000 yards and 30 touchdowns. He makes some throws very few other people could make and most wouldn’t even try. But then he throws 30 interceptions and makes a lot of bad decisions. His contract is up right now. It will take a TON of money to re-sign him. The Bucs have to make a decision right now....spend a ton of money on Winston and hope for Good Jameis more than Bad Jameis or let him go and start over with a draft pick high enough that the top tier QBs this draft will likely be gone. 

Our position may not be ideal but I would rather be in our position with Ryan than their position with Winston. What say you?

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I agree that we need to think about life after Ryan,  but I don't think it's pressing.  He should easily have a few years left.  

On the other point there is no way I'd resign Winston.  He's a lesser Brett Favre on pace with Jay Cutler so to speak. Yes he makes amazing throws but he's a gunslinger who trusts his arm way too much.

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