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*** Official Falcons Vs Buccaneers In-Game Thread ***

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21 hours ago, sanfranfalcon said:

Gono again proved he shoulda seen the field more. he looked good in relief when Schweitzer went out. dude is strong...thats what jumps out to me! maybe he'll get a real shot next year...

Arch asked the perfect question for Quinn to give Gono some props...he did NOT answer the question...

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Indeed. Never Go Full CRABLEG!


Dude shut up seriously jesus christ give it a rest 

3 minutes ago, Schwarzwald said:

wait...really? Which interview?

yep...he really did ask him...Arch pointed out the play where he stood the DT up. and Arch was actually excited as he was talking about it. Quinn gave him nothing...deflected to 'all' the guards that played this year...

Coaches show...i'm so effing done with Quinn!!!

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