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*** Official Falcons Vs Buccaneers In-Game Thread ***

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Indeed. Never Go Full CRABLEG!


Dude shut up seriously jesus christ give it a rest 

1 minute ago, shock said:

What a finish to the year, love Debo. What’s this mean for our draft position? 

We're tied with the Jets and Tampa right now. With losses, Dallas, Oakland, and Indy join us. So, it's better for the draft if they win. Right now, 11 teams are guaranteed to have worse records than 7-9.

I'm using a site that I don't really know for SoS. Presuming that it's right, we lose both of the current tiebreakers, which makes us 14th. Dallas would pick ahead of us if they lose (and don't make the playoffs). Indy shows as tied with us, which would mean a coin flip. Draftniks should definitely root for Indy and Dallas right now.

Actually, in looking at this, Oakland (I still call them that) can't catch us, so we should root for Denver. Denver's SOS is much higher. So, we could move up a spot that way.


If anybody sees it differently, let me know. My source is this site:



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