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*** Official Falcons Vs Buccaneers In-Game Thread ***

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Indeed. Never Go Full CRABLEG!


Dude shut up seriously jesus christ give it a rest 

8 minutes ago, kiwifalcon said:

I’m with you it’s painful watching us with the ball.

 I don’t you I’ve seen enough encouragement from Gage he’s a keeper.

Gage has been great.

This defense is something to build off. Not a ton of talent, but an infusion over the off-season with the draft and FA could leave us in a good spot. This game was with us missing a good amount of players on D.

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1 hour ago, FinalScore2.0 said:

That was a good throw and an excellent catch.

Can't fault Campbell (a LBer) covering a good wide receiver.

If the role were reversed and that was Julio making the catch, I doubt you would complain.

If i was a bucaneer fan i would for sure complain about my lb not doing is job so i don't understand your reasoning behind this?   Im more so pissed about a player not doing what is taught to them and im not denying it was a good throw and catch thats a given.  But it was a catch that you could have easily made no a catch by 1. not going out of bound behind him in the endzone and 2 literally pushing or pulling him 3 to 6 inches while he is in the air to cause him not to come down in the endzone.  I wouldn't be busting on just campbell on this i would be doing it to any of our players or their players for not doing their job correctly.  Campbell has way to many mishaps week after week to be this far into his career as a starter.  So yes i will complain about him and yes i do want him gone im tired of seeing him fail so often.

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