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*** Official Falcons Vs Buccaneers In-Game Thread ***


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1 minute ago, isproab said:

I don't disagree. I have heard from folks here in GA on the baseball circuit that he was the biggest "turd" of them all when he was coming out of high school. 

When your college coach tells TD, that he wasn't a leader on their team, that Freeman was the leader on offense. When we weren't even looking for a running back, we were looking at DBs down their, that's pretty bad. TDs words ,not mine.

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I'm getting pretty tired of seeing DQ jump for joy and pump his fists every time the Bucs miss a FG, only for us to do nothing afterwards..

Fix our team, Dan, and get psyched about that instead! If you plan on winning games by the opponent kickers misses it will be a very short 2020 season for you.

Make this team play with some fire, please!!!

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