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*** Official Falcons Vs Buccaneers In-Game Thread ***

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2 minutes ago, thirdnlong said:

If only we had run the ball in that OTHER game...

Yep, I guess they called themselves being aggressive and going for the kill shot. It backfired on them. My issue lies in the fact that three out of our five starting linemen, playing on one leg. Mack ,Matthews and Schrader were all injured late in that game. 

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31 minutes ago, Peteshweddy said:

Simeon Rice balled out against out team allllways... I actually liked those old Tampa teams due to that amazing defense, but d@mn sure hated our boys playing them twice a year.... always thought Vick was going to get destroyed.

I did too. Falcons fans hated Sapp but was always like I want Sapp in a Falcons Uni. 

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1 minute ago, HASHBROWN3 said:

We’ll come around hopefully. We’re young in the secondary.  

I think that is what is so frustrating.  It seems like we have the talent, but then we do something like scheme Campbell to cover their primary WR deep.  It is like watching a team put a 6' PG at C every other possession.

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