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*** Official Falcons Vs Buccaneers In-Game Thread ***

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Just now, mattyicefalcon said:

They both are trash....we just dont know how to scout talent.

You guys are the worst. JPP is no slouch. Tampa in general has a solid D line. They're #1 in run defense. Not only that, but our right side consist of 2 rookies. Relax. Everyone isn't Joe Thomas or Quentin Nelson. Sheesh

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Bruh.... This what bothered me about Blank annopuncing last week that we was keeping Quinn .... I felt he knew this game could go in a not positive  way so he wanted to announce it after a win.


Why announce you are keeping a coach thats in trouble before the last game

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Just now, UGABOZ said:

Kaleb is out of his league to be honest! 

In pass protection yes.thats why you run the ball and play action.wear down the rush.but nah dirk runs back 2 back tosses for no gain.instead of using hill and ollison to soften them up

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4 minutes ago, PokerSteve said:

My stream is like half a quarter behind real time. Glad to hear we exploded back to life on offense again. :o:slick:

You wanna know what really sucks? On Thanksgiving night the NBC Stream was an ENTIRE quarter behind real time. I'm not talking about a bootleg stream but the real legit thing from NBC and it was an entire quarter behind. It was horrible!!

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