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Burrow & Lawrence based upon 2019 relevance. Period.

Fields had an incredible year & has a nice chance of leading his team to a championship next year.  He couldn’t put Clemson away & finish in the red zone when they needed it.  Ohio State was all the rage early in the game with the better Oline & Dlines & Running game, but failed to capitalize.  Fields situation reminded me of the Dawgs with Fromm at the helm. Couldn’t get er done when it mattered most.

It’s troubling that Fields has knee issues this early in his career.  If he can stay healthy his career is promising.  But the attention has now turned towards the two guys who most deserve the attention right now.  Nobody cared about all the bad calls & wasted opportunities & lack of execution when Fromm & the Dawgs blew it so I’m not interested in all the woulda coulda shoulda excuses for Fields right now either.  No disrespect intended.

Looking forward to the National Championship! 




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2 hours ago, FalconsIn2012 said:

He was hurt...he runs a 4.55 40.  There were open running lanes he would have exposed if healthy


Justin Fields injury update: Ohio State QB says his knee is 'at 80 to 85 percent right now'


That was there for their excuse in case they lost. He ran fine

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4 hours ago, FalconsIn2012 said:

Say what you want, but Shockley, Stafford, Murray, Eason, Fields & Fromm we’re all 5 star QB’s.  That hasn’t been a problem at UGA in 16 years

Murray and Fromm were not five star recruits.  To complicate the issue,  Fromm did not beat out either Eason or Justin for that starting position.  He was given the gig and then Kirby is riding his running  game and defense to win games...

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14 hours ago, Gold4425 said:

YOU have the 1st pick. What if we needed a QB and Trevor Lawrence, Burrows and Justin Fields were available who would you pick 1st? Who do you think will be the best Pro? Would Burrows still be the 1st pick ?

Man I pick Trevor. That big beast can play! So who would you pick?


Actually, it is Joe Burrow, not Burrows. Sounds like Bengals may take him.


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