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Ohio State vs Clemson

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Props to the ejected kid for keeping his composure. It'd probably take every ounce of will-power from me to not kick the official right in the balls.

Ohio State showing out right now... and still only got 16 points to show for it. Can’t let teams in games like this hang around.

Venables’s 3rd down package is awesome. He’s got all kinds of looks.  I wanna ask why he isn’t a head coach somewhere but then I look up his salary.  Who needs the stress?

7 minutes ago, RubberDucky said:

Football is a joke.


Targeting call is straight baby-back ********.

Yeah, I can see a couple years down the road, there's going to be targeting of a player's knee, targeting of a player's midsection, targeting of a kidney, etc etc, and I guess that's going to be about the time I start watching people play poker on TV instead of what has been my favorite sport for nearly 5 decades. Sad.

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