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Sugar Bowl - #7 Baylor vs #5 Georgia

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Figured we should get this one going with the big games getting out of the way today and more info coming out about the Dawgs.

The Dawgs will be missing A LOT of players, several of which did not even make the trip to New Orleans. Lots of experience to be had for the younger guys on the team.

Kickoff will be on Wednesday, New Years Day at 8:45 pm Eastern with coverage on ESPN. Dawgs are currently a 6 point favorite.

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My dad passed away after 77yrs and 9 months on this earth this morning - it was a blessing and it was his time.    He grew up in Alabama and was Tide fan but became a UGA fan when he sent me there.

I'm not a Fromm hater in the least, but I'm not going to ever apologize for pointing out the visible warts that were exposed this season. Good on him for having a pretty solid final game of his Junior

LMAO someone said on another forum that we had to go for 2 there because Hot Rod fainted after Landers caught a TD! 

2 hours ago, mike teevee said:

Names being tossed around as out:

  • Andrew Thomas
  • Ben Cleveland
  • Isaiah Wilson
  • Isaiah Wilson
  • Tyler Clark
  • Malik Herring
  • Divaad Wilson
  • Brian Herrien
  • Kearis Jackson
  • Swift (likely minimal action if he plays)



Herring is in New Orleans with the team as is Jackson and Swift. Now, I’d be surprised if Swift player at all and same for Jackson. Herring I have no clue why he’s rumored to not playing 

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2 hours ago, g-dawg said:

I wanna see a preview to a more open/diverse offense in this game as well.

I wouldn’t get my hopes up on that. Baylor isn’t anything special defensively but I think we are what we are on offense right now and that’s unlikely to change with a bunch of offensive starters out. 

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