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Saints bring in an interesting name for due diligence

Tribal Chief

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5 minutes ago, DawnOfThemBirds said:


Even if the Saints do sign him, I don't think AB plays this season.


I also think he is the wrong WR to pair with Thomas because both are very target dominant. It could make for a very bad situation because AB is known for blowing up on the sidelines during games when he isn't getting a high volume of targets.

Possibly...but Thomas is one of ABs biggest supporters. Wouldnt shock me if he suggested this


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I think this is simply the Saints doing their "due diligence" - he is here for interview and workout. thats it. kicking the tires. See where his head is at. 

I doubt the NFL is close to wrapping up investigation, but if so, we have done the leg work to get him in quick. 



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8 minutes ago, 1989Fan said:

If I am a coach and see that Brown can’t even move past signing the waiver before tweeting I would just call it quits there. His history on social media is enough of a supporting warning.

It would be for the future if anything. If they throw him on the exempt list, the Saints aren’t tied to paying him a single dime. The league pays him. If I were then I would sign him and if anything comes down and he gets a lengthy suspension, go from there. At that point the time spent on the exempt list would count towards any suspension. Unpopular opinion but there’s no doubt that he can still produce at a high level 

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