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New GM's?

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48 minutes ago, Unintentional Grounding said:




Thoughts on this list? 


I already have my opinions on the subject, but wanted to get y'alls thoughts.

What's up Dan! From what I hear Ed Dodds wants a behind the scenes role. The guy from the Vikings may be a good fit. Especially if he could bring Gary Kubiak with him as our offensive coordinator. I like Dirk Koetter but I'd prefer Kubiak if he signed a 4-5 year deal as our offensive coordinator.

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I like all of these guys   on the falcons Arthur blank make it happen lol
President & CEO AND General Manager: Ron Hill
Scouting Operations Consultant
Hill boasts nearly 40 years of NFL personnel experience, having worked with a plethora of teams including the Atlanta Falcons, Cleveland Browns, Dallas Cowboys, Denver Broncos and Jacksonville Jaguars. He also spent eight years at the NFL as its Vice President of Football Operations. In this role, Hill will work closely with college football personnel to identify prospects for the Collegiate Bowl.
Assistant General Manager: Dane Vandernat
brings 10 years of NFL personnel and scouting experience to this role, having worked his way up the ranks within the Oakland Raiders organization. He got his start as a player personnel assistant in 2009 before becoming a pro scout for the team two years later. In 2015, Vandernat was promoted to Oakland’s director of pro personnel, where he oversaw daily operations, worked closely with the team’s general manager and evaluated prospective players.
Von Hutchins
Scout  Southeastern Region
Von Hutchins joins the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl staff after spending the past seven years with the Oakland Raiders – five as a pro scout and two as assistant director of pro scouting. Prior to this, he played six seasons in the NFL (2004-2009), with the Indianapolis Colts, before spending time with the Houston Texans and Atlanta Falcons.
David McCloughan
Scout -- Western Region
David McCloughan was a 4-year letter winner in both football and track at Colorado before being drafted into the NFL, where he spent four seasons with Indianapolis, Green Bay and Seattle. McCloughan went on to be a college scout for the Oakland Raiders; a director of college scouting with San Francisco 49ers; and, an area and cross check college scout with the Raiders before joining the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl.
Raleigh McKenzie
Scout -- Northeastern Region
Raleigh McKenzie played 16 seasons in the NFL, winning two Super Bowls with the Washington Redskins. The All-Pro offensive lineman also had stints with the Philadelphia Eagles, San Diego Chargers and Green Bay Packers. McKenzie went on to serve seven years as a college scout with the Oakland Raiders before joining the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl staff.
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I don't know, TD has done some good things whether you like him or not. He has missed some BUT who hasn't? One thing though TD doesn't draft Dawgs or SOME other SEC schools he prefers Drake, Oregon St West and Midwest. We shouldn't draft DAWGS and SEC if they can't help BUT he is shown an unwillingness to draft there. Besides that, and with the Cap situation is going to take someone who can manipulate it and TD can do that. We should KEEP TD with some adjustments! It wasn't TD's fault that Shanny tried to show out in the SB and loss it. Besides I don't see Dodds who seems to be a Board favorite in the SB?????

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