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Happy Holidays


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I drop a lot of stats on you all, I sometimes like to go against the grain (calling out offense in week 10 & 11 after wins), I complain a lot about Beasley and Dirk which I am sure is getting as redundant for most of you as Refried Beans complaining about Rich McKay.  I tend to get a little too analytical on a lot of people and trash basic stats as a way of looking at a player's success.  All that said, I love coming here for intelligent debates and I get excited when I throw out a certain way of looking at things and someone pushes back and I have to rethink things.  For the most part this group is so much more refreshing than trying to hold any type of Falcons conversation with someone on Facebook. 

Keep posting random stats with a story behind them, keep diving into random tendencies that could explain why we went 1-7 and then 5-2, keep complaining about Dirk's sick obsession for 1-1 personnel, keep debating why Koo is so good at onside kicks, and most importantly, please get us an answer as to why Julio has that rat tail.

I hope all of you have a great holiday with your families and I hope that you all get a crap ton of Falcons gear.

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