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2019 CFP Semifinal: #3 Clemson vs #2 Ohio State

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Both QBs in this game Georgia boys within 2 hours of Athens. Makes me sick

I’m really not sold on Chase Young. He has dominated a lot of inferior players/teams but against similar he has been very meh.

Well he lives in Ohio so I’m assuming he’s an alcoholic. 

1 minute ago, FalconsIn2012 said:

Dude is a special athlete


Coming out of La Grange High School (Texas), Dobbins was one of the most athletic recruits in the nation.

In fact, Dobbins had the highest SPARQ score of any recruit in his class:


Dobbins earned that honor thanks to a 4.44 40-Yard Dash, a 4.09 20-Yard Shuttle and a ridiculous 43.1-inch Vertical Jump. Do you know how insane it is for a high school player to jump 43 inches in the Vertical?

Dating back to 2006, there's been just one running back at the NFL Combine who hit the 43-inch mark

WOW...Bring him home LOL

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8 minutes ago, blkbigdog35 said:

Can’t stand Dabo hope Clemson gets whipped!

He drives me crazy. There are a lot of people that think when Saban retires, Bama will go after Dabo. That whole Mama calls thing will bring him home.

I understand he is a good coach and recruiter,  but his whole whining and bring your own guts thing, I don't think is really Alabama. 

Call me crazy, but no.

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