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Top 5 reasons we win or lose


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Left Tackle, Left Guard, Center, Right Guard, Right Tackle.  

The biggest difference in the past 2 games vs others this season is the O-Line.  MR2 has a pocket to throw from and the sack count along with Hurries/hits on QB are are all down.  

How many starting o-linemen has TD drafted in rounds 3-7.  In round 1 the answer is 3 (LT, RG, RT), but you expect to get a starter in the first round.  So can you find value in rounds 3-7?  TD has proven he cannot.  In fact, outside of Grady on the D-Line I cannot recall a solid O or D linemen TD has drafted in rounds 3-7.  Those rounds represent 72% of the draft.  Over 10 years if you can only find 1 starting offensive linemen in those rounds, you have failed.  

In 2015 we had O-Line problems during preseason.  DQ made some last minute changes when finalizing the 53 man roster because it was obvious the problems.  We then brought in Mack in 2016 and that line led us to the SB.  

TD continues to fail when it comes to the lines.  Of the free agents he has brought in, I would say he's had a hit on 1 on the O-Line and that is Mack... which when you pay for a pro-bowler, you shouldn't fail.  The others... serviceable to terrible.  

What does the O-Line do for a football team?  

- Make a bad RB look good and a good RB look great

- Time of Possession - They will allow you to control the clock and control the game.  Football is all about time management.  

- Passing Game - Yes you need a competent QB, but again, a great o-line will make a QB better.  

- Improve Running game - It's hard to lose a game if you're getting 100+ yards a game every game.  Defenses have to respect the run, this opens up play action and the pass game.

- Goal Line - The hardest but best thing in the world is to get to the goal line, line up and smash it into the endzone.  A good O-Line allows you to do that.  Without it, you are one dimensional and end up kicking field goals.  

- 4 min offense - When you have the lead and you need to burn the clock down, it's the O-line that needs to allow you to line-up, when everyone in the stadium and on TV knows you are going to run the ball and you still can run the darn ball and burn the clock.  If you have a successful 4 min offense, you can win a lot of games.  

- Fresh Defense - A good O-line allows your defense to remain fresh and able to come in, fly around and get off the field.  A good o-line wears down a defense by the 4th quarter and allows you to win even if you have to come from behind.  

Even with Lindstrom and McGary, we need a LG and will need a center soon as Mack is getting up there.  

If I were AB... I would fire TD because he spends too much time at the hair salon and riding his bike when he should be spending that time watching scouting film.... and he is a failure at drafting the 2nd most important part of your team, the O-Line.  





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Even 5 solid O-line players that play each game together with no major injuries cant overcome a defense that gives up points at the drop of the hat. It's a team sport, and all aspects need to play well. 

So right now a LG and a center heir apparent and we really aren't in bad Oline shape. Add in better Oline coaching and these guys look even better. The SF and NO wins really drive that home. That would point the problem back at DQ more than TD.

My point is, its all perspective than can be made into an argument in any direction. I just dont see many options.....


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