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Vic Beasley’s face soon could be tattooed on Atlanta radio host’s ‘tuchus’

Goober Pyle

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Mike Bell was very confident about this prediction. He remains confident with one game remaining.

But the possibility that the 92.9 The Game co-host of “Dukes and Bell” ends up with a tattoo of Vic Beasley’s face on his butt is great after the fifth-year defensive end notched his eighth sack of the season in the Falcons’ 24-12 win over the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday.

Anyone who listens to “Dukes and Bell” is aware of the bet Bell made with the city when the Falcons decided to keep Beasley on his $12.8 million fifth-year option. When Atlanta finalized this decision, Bell and co-host Carl Dukes addressed the topic, with Dukes asking Bell if he was labeling Beasley a bust. Bell declared Beasley to be a bust and doubled down by betting that he would get Beasley’s face tattooed on his butt if the defensive end recorded 10 sacks in 2019.

At the midway point of the season, when Beasley had only 1.5 sacks, it seemed like Bell’s rear end was safe from some extra ink — more on this in a moment. During the past seven games, however, Beasley’s production has ramped up, with 6.5 sacks in that span. That number extrapolated for 16 games would put Beasley at a total of 15 sacks for the season.

“I just wish he was doing this when the season was at stake,” Bell said. “If he could have done this when we were losing these six games, I would feel a lot better about getting his face on my butt permanently!”

While Bell co-hosts the popular Atlanta sports radio show, he sits in the Mercedes-Benz Stadium stands for games as a season-ticket holder. A fan who sits next to Bell wore a No. 44 jersey Sunday and made sure to rub it in when Beasley recorded a sack at the 4:58 mark of the second quarter. Beasley came close a couple of other times but was unable to record No. 9. If he’s to get 10, both will need to happen in the finale against a tough Tampa Bay offensive line, which prevented Beasley from getting to quarterback Jameis Winston in the first matchup.

“I am still confident that Vic will not get two sacks against Tampa Bay,” Bell said. “That’s a solid offensive line. But I’m excited for people who listen to our show; they’re very fired up. I get a lot of heat every time he gets a sack, even in my own section. People are losing their minds.”

Beasley is aware of the bet Bell made on air. Asked if he felt slighted by it, Beasley smiled and shrugged it off.

“I feel like everybody is entitled to their own opinion,” Beasley said. “If that’s how he feels, that I can’t (get 10 sacks), then that’s his opinion.”

Statistically, this is now Beasley’s second-best season. His most productive season came in 2016, when he recorded 15.5 sacks in a season that culminated in a Falcons Super Bowl berth. His other seasons saw him record four sacks in 2015, five in 2017 and five in 2018. At eight sacks, Beasley is relishing the opportunity to potentially get to 10.

“It’s always my goal,” Beasley said. “I want to be a double-digit guy. It’s constantly going for it, trying to get there.”

While Beasley was aware of Bell’s bet, some of his teammates said they hadn’t heard of it. Quarterback Matt Ryan’s eyes lit up when he was told about it.

“How many sacks does Vic have?” Ryan asked.


“Vic’s got a big weekend next week!” Ryan said.

Safety Ricardo Allen is also hopeful that Bell gets a butt tattoo with Beasley’s face on it.

“That’ll be some cool memorabilia for the rest of (Bell’s) life,” Allen said. “I hope Vic gets 10 sacks for himself and for that tattoo.”

Defensive tackle Grady Jarrett believes Beasley will get two sacks next week. But when he was told about the bet, Jarrett didn’t seem to find it that funny, noting that it was “disrespectful” to Beasley.

Bell’s colleagues at 92.9 The Game are naturally ecstatic about the possibility of Bell getting Beasley’s face tattooed on his butt. During the game, a 92.9 The Game engineer working the broadcast of the Falcons-Jaguars game at the studio sprinted to a dry erase board to update the Beasley sack counter.

Dukes, along with everyone else at the station, hopes Bell loses the bet.

“This shows you how polarizing Vic Beasley is and whether or not he was deserving of getting his $12.8 (million) option picked up,” Dukes said. “When Dan Quinn told me he would make him better and then the season started the way it did, most of our listeners thought this was a mistake. Mike put his money where his mouth is and said ‘I will get a tat of his face on my butt’ before the season. Most Falcon fans want him to reach 10 sacks, while the other half are wondering where has this been? Especially the first half of the season?”

If Beasley does get to 10 sacks next week, Bell has a plan to eventually cover up Beasley’s face. First, since the original bet offered no mention of the size of the tattoo, Bell said it would be the size of a silver dollar. He also plans to use a picture where either Beasley’s braids or afro eventually could be turned into dreadlocks so that he can convert it into a Bob Marley tattoo.

Bell will at least keep the tattoo, if Beasley comes through with 10 sacks, through Falcons training camp next summer.

“I will carry Vic Beasley on my tuchus so I can show it to Dan Quinn in July,” Bell said.

While Beasley’s play has ramped up in recent weeks, the thought that Bell actually could lose the bet probably didn’t begin to be a possibility until Beasley tallied a sack last week against the San Francisco 49ers. Bell was with his wife vacationing in Jamaica and was watching a game with a couple who happened to be Falcons fans. When Beasley sacked Jimmy Garoppolo, the fans started giving Bell a hard time.

Quinn credited Beasley’s improved play to using better technique with his hands. Allen noted that something evidently has changed with Beasley for the better.

“It comes like that sometimes,” Allen said. “As a football player, you set goals for yourself. Early, maybe he had to watch himself, watch his technique, watch how people were playing him. And he just clicked it on. It’s just Vic being who he is, playing relentless. Sometimes it doesn’t start at the beginning. But it isn’t how you start, it’s how you finish.”

For Bell, this won’t actually be his first butt tattoo. In 51 years, Bell previously had one tattoo inked — on his butt, in Atlantic City, at the age of 17. That tattoo, one he still regrets, is a shamrock with a Gaelic saying.

Beasley was asked if he is motivated to make Bell pay for the bet he made. Beasley smiled and played the diplomat’s role.

“My motivation is just to be a double-digit guy,” he said.


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“It comes like that sometimes,” Allen said. “As a football player, you set goals for yourself. Early, maybe he had to watch himself, watch his technique, watch how people were playing him. And he just clicked it on. It’s just Vic being who he is, playing relentless. Sometimes it doesn’t start at the beginning. But it isn’t how you start, it’s how you finish.”


If by "finishhe means waiting until we are statistically eliminated from playoff contention, again, then mission ******* accomplished.

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2 hours ago, NOVAFalconFan said:

Vic was sprinting 5 yards upfield of Minshew over and over and over again on Sunday.  If QBs would take a 15-step drop, he’d be a first ballot lock.

This is where that spin move or rip would come in handy. His speed is carrying the Tackle up field. If he stops on a dime, he can use that to his advantage and pursue from there. He's gotta learn how to play chess.

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