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Thomas Dimitroff Needs To Be Fired


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12 minutes ago, andrews31cain21 said:

I dont know GF....its all so frustrating...i want to believe that maybe DQ has got things figured out, but I thought that last year as well.... I'm not getting any younger...lol... Merry Christmas Bro!

Frustration is normal. Who wouldn't be frustrated with the team we have. One minute we can be a juggernaut,  and the next, we're like a rag doll getting tossed around.

Me personally, I see TDs faults, but i also see the good and recognize that there's a lot of bad GMs doing a worse job around the league every year.

This current team has plenty of talent. It just needs to get consistent. I'm willing to give TD & DQ the chance the right the ship completely as they're capable. 

Look at it like this. Quinn was a rookie HC, and has been learning to become a great coach with every mistake he makes. BB did the same in Cleveland and they let him go. NE couldn't have been any happier that they did that. I'm not saying Quinn will be BB, but it would be ashame to let him go, and he has great success elsewhere after we basically groomed him here.

Merry Christmas to you as well brother!

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27 minutes ago, Geaux_Falcons said:

He's had just as many as any of those great teams you mentioned. Schneider & Carroll started off in Seattle 7-9 in back to back seasons. If that happened here, they would've never made it past the 2nd 7-9 season. 

Ok man I know you’re a TD lover but really.....do another shot and get back with me big dog

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27 minutes ago, kiwifalcon said:

I’m hear nor there on either.

All I know is AB has some tough decisions to make.

If we are to change I’ll be keeping a level head on either front.

NFLs a tough business.

Yup - I’m going to roll with it either way. I’m leaving it up to Blank. The dude ain’t a billionaire for being stupid. But he does meddle a little much

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On 12/22/2019 at 2:32 PM, Califalcon0013 said:

We resigned our best players for years.and had low cap to work with yet you crying over 2 free agents that were released because they suck got signed here because our guards suck and youre mad because they suck? Dude he drafted a rg and rt.injuries happen i dont think he truly believed he was finished fixing the line long term.with Brown and carpenter.

Because he grabbed Lindstrom and Mcgary does not negate the facts of the article. 

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1 hour ago, GrimeyKidd said:

Because he grabbed Lindstrom and Mcgary does not negate the facts of the article. 

So what you want TD to do since promising drafting players isnt a positive.sign big name free agent and let our good players go? You cant do both resign you own best players and turn and sign the best players on the market.

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On ‎12‎/‎22‎/‎2019 at 3:44 PM, Atl Falcon said:

I’d take BB over TD all day and even give Ed Dodds a shot over TD. But like I said that’s ABs job to find that special GM. 

TDs like Jason Garett and if you like mediocrity keep him

This is laughable.  Maybe one of the worst analogies I've ever seen on these boards, and that is truly saying something! :lol:

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On 12/22/2019 at 0:40 PM, JD dirtybird21 said:

Since Thomas Dimitroff was hired in 2008, the falcons are tied for 8th best winning percentage (both regular season and playoffs combined) out of all 32 teams. Only New England, Pittsburgh, New Orleans, Indianapolis, Baltimore, Green Bay, and Seattle are better. The point? The Falcons have been a top 10 franchise in the TD era. Guy gets too much hate 

PHI, DAL, DEN, MIN and KC are right there in the ball park and have been playing better more recently. Not impressive.

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Like most of the FO Sfaff IMHO we should keep them. New doesn't always mean better

 I just think it will take a while to clear all the negatives up. It is Pro's and Cons to all of the possible GM and Coaching prospects mentioned on this Board. So if I was AB (who also may be part of the problem) I would go the safest course ALL things considered. I would give DQ and TD another year BUT I would demand certain changes like taking away  some of some people's power and changing some of the MO. If and that is a BIG IF TD and DQ have learned from their negatives and are

 willing to try another way then keeping them is probably our best option for NEXT YEAR.

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On 12/22/2019 at 1:05 PM, Atl Falcon said:

12 yrs of mediocre OL DL 

pass rushers have come and gone from other teams and TD has yet to produce pass rushers 

plus he has failed to build an OL to protect MR2 

just admit we’ve been tripled TROFFED in 12 yrs...the dude can’t do it

12 years of under coached and wrongly schemed OL and DL. 

He has gotten the right pieces to build a good OL

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  • 52-59 over the last seven seasons with only two playoff berths
  • Is currently sitting at 6-9 and will miss the playoffs for the second straight season
  • Built lopsided rosters too heavily tilted toward offense 
  • Buddy could never build a good Oline
  • Has never constructed a solid front seven
  • Traded 27 picks to move up for 11 players. Six of whom sucked
  • Passed on Clay Matthews, Lavonte David, Duane Brown, Gurley, DHop, T.J. Watt and Bay Bay to take Jelly, King Konz, Sackmaker, Teasley, Tru, Takk and Featherspoon
  • Let Grimes, Mud Duck, Poe, Dahl, DiMarco, Teco, Poole, Chester, Boley, Lofton, Peters & Weems walk too soon and replaced them with scrubs
  • Cut Abe, Clabo and The Burner and downgraded to Osi, Puddin and SJax
  • Gave bad contracts to Sackmaker, RobbinUs, Teasley, Free, Tru, SJax, Ray Ray, Carpenter and Jaymon
  • Been at the bottom of the league in available cap space for six years in a row
  • Has a negative 2020 cap table with only 42 players under contract


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On 12/22/2019 at 6:57 PM, Atl Falcon said:

I don’t think wanting to win a SB a couple of times in 10 -12 yrs is unrealistic. TDs had his chance and blew it. Explain paying 50 million $$$ for two starting guards in FA that don’t even start. Just tired of this crap bro. That’s a lot of money to piss away wth

If there was pure parity in this league then the only realistic expectation is to win one SB every 32 years. Everyone can’t win a championship every year. Even with the parity argument the Falcons are behind the curve having never won one in 54 years

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In 53 Super Bowl years, these teams have never been to a Super Bowl:

Cleveland, Houston, Jacksonville, Detroit, 

and add to that those that have never won one:

Buffalo, Cincinnati, Tennessee, Chargers, Minnesota, Atlanta, Carolina, Arizona

so in 53 Super Bowls played, out of 32’teams only 20 teams have won one and 28 have been. Of the 4 that haven’t gone, two of them are newer franchises so that leaves Cleveland and Detroit as the suckiest franchise of all time. 

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1 hour ago, JD dirtybird21 said:

I don’t disagree necessarily. Just pointing out that he’s won a lot of games during his tenure as GM. There’s a reason he’s been around for 12 seasons 

But most of those wins came in his first five seasons. In a what have you done for me lately league he is:

  • 6-9 in 2019
  • 13-18 in his last two seasons
  • 52-59 in his last seven seasons with only two playoff berths
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1 hour ago, falconsd56 said:

Not to mention LOL at using Dallas and Denver saying that they have been better recently

LOL at you:

  • DAL - 7-8 in 2019, 17-14 in the last 2 seasons and 63-48 in the last 7 seasons with 3 playoff berths
  • DEN - 6-9 in 2019, 12-19 in the last 2 seasons and 63-48 in the last 7 seasons with 3 playoff berths
  • ATL - 6-9 in 2019, 13-18 in the last 2 seasons and 52-59 in the last 7 seasons with 2 playoff berths
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2 minutes ago, FalconsIn2012 said:

Winning a Super Bowl, unless you’re the Patriots, requires some presence of lightning in a bottle.

 In 11 years, TD has given us 4 legitimate SB opportunities.  You can also include 2010 making it 5.  That’s more than all but 2-3 teams over that period

Just sacrafice your first born children like the pats have......works every time.

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The biggest difference is 2013.

That year we played games without

Both starting receivers

Both starting tackles

Running back and


2nd string RB


We never were fully healthy.....especially on offense and we had games where our starting receivers were Drew Davis and Harry Douglas

Even when guys like Jackson and Roddy played they were battling a quad/hamstring injury and a high ankle sprain.

2013 was a brutal brutal year

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