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Ending The Season Like We Should Have Started It

Maltese Falcon

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The players are finally ready for this season to get started after these 14 preseason games.  This is the team that should have started the season.  I get the feeling that we’re gonna blow out both teams in our final two games.  

And by the way, with a 7-9 record, our draft position will end up being below-middle of the pack.

Hopefully DQ gets the message and changes the preseason process next year and we get off on the right foot and blow out teams during the start of the 2020 season now.

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3 hours ago, octoslash said:

I'd like to know more specifically what you mean by this

Are you talking about playing starters? 

I’m not sure what needs to change, but it probably involves game preparation, a sense of urgency, and the motivational process.  Maybe he’ll start with a new T Shirt motto?

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4 hours ago, TheHeartless said:

Still possible for them to lose, maybe Jags get some fire lit under them with Coughlin gone, but those coaches are probably getting fired so it's doubtful. The Bucs can beat us, but Jameis' play is as bi polar as you can get.

I love watching Jameis. He’s either the worst QB in the league or the superstar and sometimes he’s both of those guys in the same game. I know he gives Arians a headache

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