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Bowl Game Upset Predictions


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2 minutes ago, BamaBirdLady said:

I really don't think so because all but 2 of our starters are planning on playing. I think this means a lot to these players given how the season turned out.

But we will see!

I say OU over LSU  Corndogs! A girl can dream.

I was just being a clown.  Alabama is about to bring a season of frustration on Michigan.  

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On 12/21/2019 at 9:34 AM, m2Falcons said:


A.   "We ARE... Marshall !"

B.   I want to see UCF get their arze handed to them on every game possible!

A+B = Caring

P.S. For anyone that has not seen the movie 'We Are Marshall' you NEED to watch the movie.

What's with the hate for UCF? Because they have the balls to think they deserve respect?

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2 hours ago, Ovie_Lover said:

I was rooting for them in their undefeated season but their entire "we are the national champs" thing made me dislike them.


1 hour ago, m2Falcons said:

They earned respect.

They crossed the line though....   and not "by just a little bit."    Just my opinion.

I guess it's just me. I'm not one to go out of the way to mention the SEC. The only SEC team I care about are my Dawgs. F the rest of them.

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