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Strongest Arm NFL History


Who Has The Strongest Arm & Best Deep Ball  

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  1. 1. Strongest Arm. NFL History

  2. 2. Best Deep Ball

  3. 3. Best Intermediate Quarterback Ever

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Jeff George was a pain - but that Dude definitely had the strongest arm ever.

Marino had the best deep ball.

As for the best intermediate passer, have to go with Montana on your list - but Aikman had that mastered. 

And Bart had a strong arm too.  He could throw the ball 70 yards with a little flick of his wrist. 


But George could literally throw the length of the football field with ease.   If only he wasn't such an idiot.

As for the official record - it's 85 yards through the air - by Fred Crawford (Chicago) in 1935 and Don Meridith was second with 83 yards in the air.

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1 hour ago, JD dirtybird21 said:

Strongest arm would be Vick for me 

If Bill Belichick Could Choose Any Quarterback To Lead His Team, He’d Pick …


“I would put Bert Jones up there,” Belichick said Monday on WEEI’s “Dale & Holley.” “I absolutely would put Bert Jones up there.”

Wait, who?

In Belichick’s eyes, Jones’ greatest attributes were his athleticism and his arm strength, both of which the coach lauded in his WEEI interview.

“Bert Jones was a tremendous player,” Belichick said. “A tremendous player. Very athletic. He had an arm like no other, really. I’ve never seen a player with the kind of flexibility he had in his arm. The kind of whip and accuracy. He had a quick delivery. He was a tremendous quarterback in an era that was a little bit different. But if he played today and was healthy, (we’d all say), ‘This guy’s really good.’

Bert Jones could do things that I’ve never seen another quarterback do,” Belichick said. “I would play catch with Bert, he would throw the ball, and then maybe every fifth or sixth pass, he would throw the ball and then release it on the other side of his head. His shoulder was that loose.”

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Q: Could he really throw the ball over 100 yards? 

BIll Belichick: Bert Jones, he could do just about anything he wanted to do. I bet he could throw it 100 yards. Yeah, I bet he could. It was like a slingshot. And he had so much flexibility in his shoulder. He did what I've never seen anybody do is when you were playing catch with him and he would be thrown the ball like this, Bert would release the ball back behind his head, like this, and you catch it and you kind of [say], 'Did he just throw that ball behind his head?' Because it happened so fast and you'd [say], 'Hey, can you do that again?' 

Q: In a tight spiral? 

BB: You couldn't tell the difference. You're standing there playing catch with him and you're saying to yourself, '[Man] he just threw that behind his head,' and you think you'd saw it wrong. But he would do that everyday just when he was warming up playing catch. Athletic. Good run. Tough. He was a great competitor. Whatever you want a quarterback to do, I would say that Bert could do it. Now he couldn't start at LSU, other than that, he could do it. They alternated him down there. He played, whatever, every other quarter his senior year, whatever it was. Similar to the [Tom] Brady situation really where he couldn't play in college but is one of the best quarterbacks in t

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Strongest is Favre or Boller IMO. Favre literally broke WR fingers throwing balls at them (word was he broke 7 of 10 fingers of Antonio Freeman over the years, some multiple times).

Boller could prolly “throw the football over them mountains”.

edit: good call faithful Falcon. 

Jamarcus “purple drank” Russell is another good call for strongest arm.

There were a lot of strong arms out there, many drafted really high, that just weren’t good QBs. Probably most overrated QB attribute.

Bradshaw would be another that should be in the poll, along with jack Kemp, Bert Jones, Kordell Stewart, Randall Cunningham, etc.

that said, never quite seen an arm like Vick, in the sense if he didn’t wind up to do it. Skinny dude threw 50 yards on a rope with a flick of the wrist.

just like In long driver golf competitions, there are likely dudes out there can can heave a ball as far or further than any NFL QB could.

every other pass- Marino was the best (except the impromptu shovel pass, which Ryan owns lol)

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I would say Mahomes and Josh Allen would give anyone in history a run for strongest arm.

Best deep ball... Dante Cullpepper was prolific on the deep ball, but that may be down to Moss. I'd put Flacco up there - shame it was the only pass he could ever make. 

Best intermediate passer... Take your pick between Brady, Manning, Rodgers and Brees - that's their bread and butter.

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I remember hearing about this pass along time ago and was surprised I actually found a write up about it. Later in this same article it mentions Brett throwing a ball from his own end zone to a wide receiver on the opposing teams 18 yard line.

Tulane. Enter Favre, 17 years old and hungover from a late night of beer drinking (he didn’t expect to play). The plan had been to red-shirt Favre. The plan was scuttled. On his first play from scrimmage, Favre took a short drop and fired a rocket to wide receiver Chris McGee. McGee really had no choice but to catch it. The ball just sort of embedded in his gut. Favre went on to throw two touchdowns, including the game-winner to McGee in a 31-24 victory. Not bad for a hungover 17-year old.
• Sept. 24, 1988: This was the telling moment in USM’s 10-2 season Favre’s sophomore year. The Golden Eagles trailed East Carolina 42-38 with seconds remaining. Driving against the clock, Favre scrambled around to his left, then spotted Alfred Williams open 40 yards down and all the way across the field. Favre unleashed a 45-yard fast ball. Williams turned around just in time to catch it inside the East Carolina 10. USM then scored the winning touchdown and Williams was asked afterward for how he knew to turn around. “I heard it,” Williams said. “You usually can hear Brett’s passes coming. They whistle.” OK, then.


heres the ink to the article:


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