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Who are “your guys”?


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Who are your guys that you like more than consensus? 
Mine are:

Isaiah Simmons- top 3 player in the class easily. Truly the best LB I’ve scouted. He has played over 100 snaps at pass rusher, off ball lb, safety, and corner this season. All at a high level. If DQ stays, he’s the absolute perfect Sam linebacker. Can man up TE’s, rush the passer, and fly around like Debo at the lb spot. 

Curtis Weaver- Edge 2 for me. He’s built thicker than you’d expect, but he is explosive as ****. Unlike Epenesa and Yetur who are the consensus 2 and 3 edge players, he’s got absolutely elite production and can bend around the edge much better. He’s the TJ Watt of this class and will get picked way too low. Reminds me a lot of Terrell Suggs.

Marvin Wilson- Reminds me a lot of Grady. Quick hands and frequently makes guards look silly. Not huge like a lot of people want on the DL, but size isn’t the determining factor in stopping the run like people act like it is. Grady is one of the best run defenders in the league because he’s able to quickly disengage offensive linemen. Marvin Wilson is cut from the same cloth.


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On 12/19/2019 at 3:42 PM, Smiler11 said:

Marvin Wilson for sure. Shaun Wade. Clyde Edwards-Helaire (although everyone seems to be on that train now). Yetur Matos-Gross - he's my edge #2 behind Chase Young and a far better athlete than given credit for. 

Yetur would jump 10 spots in my ranking if he didn’t wear those baggy sleeves. AP_18321621870205.jpg?fit=1024,1176&ssl=

Man’s built like Myles Garrett. Show it off.

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1st round: Epenesa, Kinlaw, Chaisson, Simmons, Fulton, Marvin Wilson

2nd round: Gross-Matos, Swift, Biadasz, Raekwon Davis, Kindley, Terrell, Wade, Adebo, Moses

3rd round: Nisirildeen, Jaylen Johnson, Lecounte, Alaric Jackson, Greenard, Edwards-Helaire

4th round: Jordan Elliot, Lemieux,, Coe, Kareem, Kyle Dugger


Note that I would use Nisirildeen or Jaylen Johnson at WLB.

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