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Your favorite obscure Falcon


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A random name popped into my head today

Juran Bolden 

I remember when he was just a stash away on the bench, but I would beat the drum for him because he was a bigger corner and I was tired of all the diminutive CBs on the roster.  When he finally got playing time he was pretty solid.  I remember he had a great game vs. the Panthers when Vick came back.

Any others that anybody can think of?  I know we have some old timers here that can probably give some good ones. 

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Idk about favorite but one that keeps popping into my head is Eric Coleman. I believe Smitty brought him in during Ryan’s first year. I remember him being solid at safety for a while and he had a huge hit that nearly killed himself on. I’ll always remember that hit and the hit on DeSean Jackson by Dunta Robinson

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Jerious Norwood.  My sons first and favorite Falcon. He has a jersey and signed rookie card of him still.

Chad Lavalais - don’t know why, but I liked that sloppy bastad. played well for a late round pick out of LSU

Tim Dwight - little guy was fearless!

Going back a little further I liked OJ Santiago a lot as well.

Current roster it’s Gono and Graham.

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2 hours ago, octoslash said:

Eddie Ray.  

He and General Bob Lee whooped the 9-0 Vikings on MNF back in...73 I think?

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That's an interesting card, It has the team logos, they are not airbrushed off like they would have done did back then... plus Eddie Ray didn't have a card issued in 1974.  Cool stuff if it does exist.

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