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Something I have not seen people brought up


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People are giving credit on the defense turnaround to Quinn, and rightfully so as he is the HC so success or failure falls on his shoulder, but how much impact does plays calling has on the defense turnaround?  I mean it has to make some different as to who is calling the plays right?  The question is then how much of a different does plays calling makes, and if the person who is doing the plays calling is no longer here(good DC do get hire as HC somewhere else) then would the defense takes a step back?  Honestly I don't know the answer, and I am not sure anyone can answer that question either, but I think it is something to think about.

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41 minutes ago, octoslash said:

I think the first half of the Season Quinn tried to get too fancy with the defense, instead of just letting them play ball.

Quinn tried to run a 3-4 in the first half of the season and whiffed. Second time Dimi's two HCs tried that and failed. I'd blame most of this one on Quinn cause his 3-4 was flat out awful. He's definitely a 4-3 guy.

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