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Takk done for the year.

Goober Pyle

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8 minutes ago, Akod2017 said:

Remember when we traded up and thought it would be TJ Watt. Let’s all throw our heads back and laugh.

Every team, every draft you can find these.  That's why the draft is so intriguing and grows in popularity every year.  Yes, it is frustrating, but there are 29 teams that passed on Watt, if they knew what they do now he is a top 10, maybe top 5 pick that year.  It's also why I hate that TD always wants to trade up and never down.  Get more picks to increase your chances of finding your TJ Watt/Demarcus Lawrence/Grady Jarrett.

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Always hate to hear of one of our guys being injured....but to be honest, I think we have other players who are at least as good, if not better, and maybe more durable to boot!  
Anyway, good luck to the young man, and wishing him a speedy recovery --- Next Man Up!


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