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FALCONS WIN drops 9ers from #1 to #5 seed


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1 minute ago, Tandy said:

LOL, of course not!   Like I said to @Iron Saint , I knew you guys would end up rooting for the Falcons before it was over!    


Well of course we would. I was pleasantly surprised Sunday to find i had the Rams/Cowboys on Fox here in the NO area, only to flip to NFL Sunday ticket and it was FREE. 

It was like Christmas came early. I got to see the Falcons lose draft positions and the 49ers lose the #1 seed ALL ON SAME DAY! 

Thanks Santa. lol :D


All jokes aside, i said it here last week, big trap game for the 49ers. They put a ton of effort and gameplanning into our match up and it was a physical battle ( which i dont think they thought they were in for honestly ) . Then only to win it in the final moments and only by 2 pts. But they figured they "arrived". 

Ripe for picking. And yall did. They sure did try hard ( the NFL ) to keep the 49ers alive with the reversal on Hooper TD ( That was and always has been a TD. Ground didnt cause it to come loose and he maintained possession and never touched the ground ) But karma is a BIOTCH. yall got em on next play. 



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1 hour ago, Bagofbones64 said:

And THANK YOU Falcons by the way!! 


6 minutes ago, SeahawkFan80 said:

Ya...Thank YOU Falcons. We appreciate it.

Either one of y'all go to the SB just remember who helped y'all get there. One of y'all couldn't do what we did yesterday so in all truth you don't deserve to get there.

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