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I Live in The Bay Area-I told Niners Fans to Watch-Out!!


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This past few days, I told my Niners friends to

watch-out for this game. I told them

it is going to a close game and the Falcons will come fighting for many reasons— a little revenge on Kyle for leaving them and the play calling during the SuperBowl. I told them if Matty Ice gets the protection and Atlanta’s defense shows up, then we have a very good chance for the upset.

This was our SuperBowl and it Alleviates some of the pain from this season. It shows that this team still has a soul and a heart. They are still fighting for their coach and their pride. This was the biggest upset of the season. 

I believe this is going to give this team some momentum going forward to the next season. If we end-up going 7-9 or even 6-10, DQ might be back as a coach. The reason is that your replacement coach needs to be a viable candidate and worth the change. The options are limited and the changing of coaches might put you in a deeper hole  for next season. Keeping DQ might the better option.

We could be setting pretty next season with some adjustments and adding some talent via draft. I believe we will beat the Jags and the Bucs, or at least go 1-1. The team has played more consistent in the 2nd half of the season, and they could finish at 6-2 record in the 2nd half of the season. 

Atlanta is not here for tanking and draft position. The team is here to play the game and win. We want to finish strong and look forward to next season. 

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