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ESPN - Julio Jones heroics could save Dan Quinn's job with Falcons

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Dan should stay but Koetter needs to go. Maybe we can lure Mike McDaniel away from Shanahan with actual play calling power. He’s been with Shanny for over a decade. It’s about time he gets an offense of his own. That is if he doesn’t get a head coaching gig. 

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10 hours ago, TheUsualStuff said:

I fully expect that win is the one that definitively saves Dan Quinn's job.

As much as I loved that game, I still don't know how I feel about the keeping Quinn part.

I still don't have faith he will ever be consistent.

I do I don’t 

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On 12/15/2019 at 10:40 PM, Pacific_Falcon said:

He blows blue whale dong as a HC. How many other HC's have a frigging timeout consultant or whatever? Seriously? Imagine the unheard jokes in the locker room when that got back to the players.

He's in over his head. Even when we overachieve we still look dumb at times. A ton of penalties...he called an onside kick and didnt even have the right amount of players on the field. This is like high school stuff. What scares me is even if we get players and scheme ironed out, there's constantly going to be pancake-brained stuff from him that will leave us facepalming. That's the part that bothers me more than anything. ****

How is it Dan Quinn's fault that a player that is supposed to be on the kickoff unit had a mental blunder and didn't get on the field? The surprise onside kick worked perfectly and was a great call in that situation. If it weren't for a player's mental mistake Falcons would have had the ball. That is not on Dan Quinn.

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