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Next new GM must have name that easily becomes a verb


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I believe @PokerSteve made an excellent point in the Aikman thread. Something almost none of us has considered.

Whatever GM or HC ( or both ) we hire must have names that can easily be conjugated into verbs. I.E. 'Quinniing' or 'Troffed' for example. We may need guidance from @FalconFanSince1970

Who do we have?


McCarthied? ehhhh. Shawed? Shawt? I like Shawt so he's still viable. McDanieled? ehhhh. McDangled maybe? Come back to him. Jim Bob Cooter gets a free pass cause that's just fun to say. Harbaughed? Harbought? Har-Har? It's possible. Lincoln Riley. There's something we can do with Lincoln I think so we can circle back.


Aikman? Ache-man? ehhhh. Dodds? Doddled? It might could work so @Refried Beans can be happy. Joe Douglas? I mean Dougied is right there for the taking. Too easy. Mike Borgonzi? Borgonzied actually rolls off the tongue well. Keep him on the list. Elliot Wolf? Wolfmanned? Wolfed Down? Where-Wolfed? Easy peasy.

What names do you fine gentlemen and women of TATF have for us?

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