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Troy Aikman Looking For GM Position


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13 hours ago, Ezekiel 25:17 said:

I am guessing he thinks it is a position where all you have to do is put on a nice suit and have your hair looking on point. :shrug:


13 hours ago, AxManBigFan said:

He seen John lynch do it....but no thank you. Aikman is a *****. 


13 hours ago, TheDirtyWordII said:

We've seen John Lynch do it; move from the booth to the GM role.  But I remember that being an out of left field hire and one spurred by Shanahan hand-selecting Lynch after Lynch reached out to him



I think Aikman could pull it off. Wouldn't be surprised if Jimmy Johnson had been advising him to do so.


Jerry wants to take all the credit, but it was Jimmy who built that Cowboys dynasty of the 90's. Cowboys have failed to have any sustainable success since he left.

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not sure what to think about this, i could see it going either way. he was part of a dynasty and saw how a champion was built but does he have the eye for talent? he also has strong ties to dallas and seen the *hit show jerry has turned it into since. what is his strong point? eyeing talent? negotiating contracts? building a team? does he know to limit the roll but have a firm say and not meddle like jerry? i could see some team doing it for sure, just not sure if blank has the balls to axe troff for it to be us. 

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Elway too.  
Not sure I want a guy learning the ropes with OJT at our expense.

We need to proceed very carefully gents. TD is very well thought of outside of this TATF bubble I think.  We must realize that most everyone on here are laymen who function completely outside of this profession.  I am always careful to consider that many here are simply spouting off mostly.  With no real NFL business acumen at their disposal.  There are exceptions however I’m sure.  

I’m fine with cleaning house, but I’m not swayed by personal opinions of inexperienced college students or whatever.  No disrespect intended whatsoever. 

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56 minutes ago, R_The_Great said:

If Aikman can relive his 90s Cowboys days and give us a team built like that, I would be down for it.  Better than getting guys who can't last more than a week as a rookie


I think that 90's style Cowboys team with a little bit of a modern update would be perfect for Ryan as he's getting into the later stage of his career.


A strong run game behind a wall o-line and a stout defense would allow Ryan to manage the game more with less pressure on him and could also light defenses up if need to.


That could spell not just one, but potentially multiple SB titles before Ryan calls it a career.

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Not sure how I'd feel about this.  Aikman was a helluva QB, and not the worst at announcing football games ---- but GM?  I have no idea how that would work out! 
And how long do we really have for him to get his on-the-job-training??? 
My gut says no to Aikman as our GM....but good luck, Troy! 


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