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Trufant done for season

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That’s too bad. He has been playing at a pro bowl level.

Eat the dead money and move on next year.

To bad for Tru, he’s quietly had a pretty good season. He gets too much unwarranted hate around here.

Hate it for Tru but hope he battles back.  That said, we need to find some corners.  Regardless of whether you like Tru or not, he's our best CB but he's struggled with injuries and based on what I've seen Oliver is not looking like he's close to breaking out (if he ever will).  Sheffield looks promising but I'm concerned with the rest of the crew.  

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Just now, Faithful Falcon said:

Me neither. The toe injury was probably turf toe. He's been pretty durable.


You play football your whole life at a pro level, you are dealing with constant pain and injury. Guy is causing serious injury to himself going all out for a Falcons win and people on here are calling him fragile. 

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50 minutes ago, 1989Fan said:

I wouldn’t be surprised if he is back, though our cap may prevent it.

i am guessing we will see more of wreh-Wilson now. Had had a heck of a play going for an INT

Makes little sense to cut him next year. But I’m 2021 he might need to take a pay cut or get cut 

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