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Falcons Fan MVP

What are the keys to beating the Niners next week?

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9 minutes ago, Falcons Fan MVP said:

Do you think we can stop Jimmy G?

Yep I’m leaving my corners on an island and my safety’s are locking down the seams.

Clutter the middle let Debo and co use the speed when the 9ers try and stretch us horizontally.

Misdirection worries me the most.It puts huge pressure on backside DEs to not allow these plays to happen.

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The answer to beating teams with a crazy offense like the 9ers has always been to not let them on the field. We need to control the time of possessions by running the ball down their throats. Pretty much look at the first Saints game. That's gonna be a tall order though.

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6 hours ago, Falcons Fan MVP said:

I would love to see the Falcons get a win against Kyle Shanahan next week. What do you think the Falcons have to do to pull off the upset? Do you think that Jimmy G is a Quarterback our defense would do well against? I am sure the Falcons offense will be extra prepared for the Niners defense. Do you think the Niners defense has any weaknesses we can exploit? I think we are going to need all hands on deck. Hopefully Ridley plays. Hopefully the Falcons bring their A game.


we are going to win this game simple it will make sure we don't have a top 10  pick

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6 hours ago, Falcons_Frenzy said:

Let the 49ers get a 28-3 lead then watch Kyle blow it dialing up pass plays in obvious running situations that result in a gassed defense that can't stop anyone.

Haha!  I see what you did there ---   :lol: 


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