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1 minute ago, Geneaut said:

The question is really do we think Quinn's mish-mash D earlier in the season hampered Vic, or was he just lolly-gagging the way he often does most of the season?

I happen to like Vic because I think there's always a place for a speed rusher on a team. I just don't like him $14M worth.

There's a place for a speed rusher in Quinn's defense. What role will there be for another coach?? That's the question that can't be answered. I'm not a fan of a player that only shows up in the back half of a season. Especially when you have a higher salary. You're expected to do that all season. Had those 6 total sacks been spread out throughout the season and he finishes with let's say 10 for the season, I wouldn't have an issue. But he mostly showed up against the division rivals. One has a bad offensive line, the Saints offensive line was hurting at that point, it's hard to tell if it was all just a fluke or real deal. I don't care about the get it how you can stuff, I want to see the guys perform all season. He didn't do that. I keep seeing $10 million suggested as a bargain, IMO that's too much for a rotational player at best

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