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F it, I’m on the 9ers bandwagon this season

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2 minutes ago, sanfranfalcon said:

i've hated the 9ers since Jerry Rice used to kill us!! not even living out here changed that. but i gotta say KS has me starting to breakdown a bit!!?? but i'd be pulling for tem against the Aints regardless!! game winner!!!

I hated the Cowboys even more so I found myself actually cheering for the 49ers during the mid 90s playoffs. Certainly I have no problem supporting them 25 years later as well during the playoffs.

Kyle is just a great coach and I also would like Garland and Coleman to get a ring, bith deserve it.

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42 minutes ago, Jpg428gggg said:

Anyone but the Patriots or Saints and I am good. Love to see Lamar in the Super Bowl. Can we also give Harbaugh some credit? Been in the playoffs almost every year and won a Super Bowl with Flacco. Now, they have built an offense around Lamar and look unstoppable.

I'd rather see Lamar Jackson or Pat Mahomes win it all.

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Biggest thing about the KS system for me everything looks the same.They run different plays out of the same look.Rolls his QB out to protect him,doesn’t give up on the run.

Thats why it so effective.Defenses think they’ve got a beat on him and he changes it up.

Thing I loved today were the trick plays you can see the dis-dain on Payton’s face watching that NO defense get fleeced.

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