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Specials teams has looked night and day compared to the prior years. Causing TO's, returned a punt for a TD, recovering multiple onside kicks, and not to shabby on punt coverage.

Barner seems to always be making a smart play or fielding the ball to save us field positioning. We've struggled in the kicking game, but I think that's just been more due to personnel.

Earlier today against the Panthers, I saw a punt block play they ran, and we almost got there. Safe to say Quinn was at least right in firing Armstrong and improving ST's. 

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4 minutes ago, FalconsIn2012 said:

Defense solid again.  4th time in last 5 games

As long as they play aggressive its a good D. Quinn ****** up the Aints game and went back to playing soft zone with very little rushing the QB

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4 minutes ago, mikeg272 said:

Lindstrom and Gono both played very well and Mcgary seemed settled down with someone good beside him. 

Zacheaus looked good as well seemly jumping Blake, because of his small mistakes. 

I've been hard on Freeman, but he looked like the Free of old today.

It’s why the tank mentality is wrong.Even when the seasons gone.The holes that are there are all there to fight for.Players potential jobs are on the line.If you just did what a lot are suggesting they’d be all out of a job.

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