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Please Read: Game Day rules

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This season, we’ve been getting a lot of questions from posters as to what is happening to their threads during games. The answer is, we are merging them into the pinned “Official Game Day Thread” created by Monoxide. This is happening in order to keep the front page from flooding with threads that have one sentence in the OP, or even some that have less than 3 words. These topics aren’t topics. They are posts meant to be in the Game Day thread. A topic is supposed to be insightful and created for discussion. 

Here are some rules for TATF during game days:

- Topic starting during a game is prohibited but not locked

- Should a topic be created, the moderators will have the say if the topic stays, is merged, locked, or deleted.

- Excessive topic creating during a game can result in consequences including warnings, suspensions, and/or bans.

- Bumping old threads during a game to call out an OP or other poster is also prohibited. 

Questions? You can send PM’s to @VTCrunkler or myself. Posting topics in protest is a violation of the COC. 


Moderating team

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