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Hypothetical Question about the draft.

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Trade back into the first giving up 2 picks for one of the few positions we actually have established on this team.  Just makes no sense with all of these holes we have/ are about to have going into free agency.  Matt still has at least a few good years left so why waste a first pick on someone that won't play. Mind boggling 

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1 hour ago, FalconsIn2012 said:

The trend of moving up in the first round needs to end.  How about we move back and add additional top 100 picks for a change.  We are about to lose 5 starters so picks will be needed

I've hoped we would do this for many years.  Don't get me wrong, I think it is great to move up for your guy, but it shouldn't be your MO every year.  If it is, you have problems with scouting and evaluating players.

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25 minutes ago, Cheap Talk said:

Do we get any compensatory picks for this upcoming draft? Thought maybe you would know this?

I seriously doubt it considering the Falcons didn't have any unrestricted free agents leave and sign decent contracts with other teams and then spent some decent cash on James Carpenter and Jamon Brown. 

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9 hours ago, Refried Beans said:

Derek Brown. He's the pick. Unless Andrew Thomas or Joe Burrows fall in our laps. 

No chance in our current state...I wouldnt take either of those guys over not only Brown, but a couple other guys. (Okudah, Simmons)

if Burrow is there I would however try to sell the pick to the highest bidder. If we end up top 10 still get Epenesa or Kinlaw, in the teens give Gross-Matos a look.

would love to lock up some extra day 1-2 picks in this or next years draft.

Not hating the idea of Delpit either in a trade back, but we need to be committed to moving in from Neal or Allen (likely Allen since he isn’t a long term solution at SS)

Thomas may not end up the top OT taken even.

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